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My great journey ♥
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hey people.. alright i know.. i haven't updated this blog for like ages.. well.. its the end of our form four school year.. and my my.. time really flies.. well.. i really miss all of u!..

Here are some pictures that we took on the last day.. okok.. ure right wmeen!.. i wasn't brave enough to take my handphone to school.. freaky!..

Me, Meen and Wen ( that i like to bully =D )

The ultimate 'adeline' look.. *hair messy* and *blur*

AHA!.. guess who's inside?..

Leaving is hard *group hug*

haha.. and the winner is....

S4E!.. love u guys!..

The cat.. sleeping.. *shh*


miss u guys!..

aww.. so sweet..

Those are really great memories.. thank you to all of u that made my year so meaningful.. thank you!.. and i really love u guys!..

Friday, August 22, 2008

Well.. this is a draft which i left a long time ago.. i think i wanted to blog about the Olympic closing ceremony.. haha.. I've really forgotten bout this.. Well.. let me blog about the 8 of us then!.. We don't really have a specific name for our group.. but we are down to earth crazy and fun!..

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Whooi Meen ( The Leader )

What can i say bout her?.. WELL.. let me list 20 things about her..
1. She's a very tough girl so don't mess with her.
2. She's actually a very smart girl, just that she does not like to study.
3. She is a very good friend as she puts others before herself.
4. She has a great mother that cooks very well.
5. She's a great and kind person when u get to know her.
6. She always stands up for her friends whenever they are hurt.
7. She dislikes people who are arrogant, stupid, and make her friends' life miserable.
8. She's trying her best to not let herself seem sad in front of us.
9. She's a person who puts her family and friends as her priority.
10. She says the cutest and funniest things whenever you're sad.
11. She would never ever leave u alone!
12. She gives people the opportunity to change.
13. She is a good listener.
14. She may seem loud but she's not that scary.
15. She loves Little Black Dress books.
16. She loves saying "freaky", "bla", "freaky nei nei" and "freak" now. *thanks to me!*
17. She's actually someone that you will feel comfortable talking with.
18. She is like my elder sister, but it's ok to not be one sometimes, meen.
19. She loves her friends more than we think she does.
20. LASTLY, she is a best friend anyone could want. I LOVE U!..
* I chose Teddy as you as i think you are cuddly and warm to hug.

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Kah Sing
( The Tough One )

MUAHAHAHAH!.. i just love playing with KS.. and i dunno why too.. let me list 20 things about her too!
1. She hates hates hates almighty to the core.
2. She is a tough girl to be able to withstand the torturous moments with 'her'.
3. She is not an English freak.
4. She always looks down at herself just like whooi meen by always saying that sentence ' We will be worse than you ' ( which i dislike a lot! )
5. She's actually someone very fun to play with.
6. She is someone who can work and contribute to an organisation.
7. She loves dogs.
8. She dislikes lizards.
9. She is someone that won't give up that easily.
10. She is fun to hang out with.
11. She is warm and loving. *Just that it doesn't really show*
12. She's a person who is better at actions than words.
13. She is someone that forgives and forgets.
14. She has been through a lot of friends' issues.
15. She makes the funniest faces.
16. She's a hot-tempered person but she won't be that bad. * don't you make her angry!*
17. She can be very crazy.
18. She dislikes rude people.
19. She's still waiting for her prince charming to appear.
* I chose u as a dog as i know you love them a lot and you are loyal too.

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AH KIAM ( The Adorable One )
"AH KIAM!" That is what I will always scream whenever i see her. Well, let me now tell you guys 20 things about her.
1. She has sensitive skin.
2. She is adorable and she loves cute things too.
3. She has a beautiful smile.
4. She has been through some tough times.
5. She likes calling me "Ade".
6. She is so fun to play with!
7. She has a very cute voice.
8. She may look simple on the outside, but she's not as simple as u think she is.
9. She is a person who puts friends as one of her main priorities too.
10. She is just too nice to almighty!
11. She gets on my nerve sometimes, especially when she goes to accompany that almighty!.. HMPH!
12. She is a great fan of good-looking boy bands, eg. Golf and Mike *screams*
13. She loves music.
14. She loves 'hugging' time.
15. She is very skinny.
16. She has a very sweet personality.
17. She reminds me of myself sometimes.
18. She likes to pin her hair.
19. She doesn't want anyone to be hurted becasue of her.

* I chose u as this cute little bird as it reminds me of you, and i hope that you will be free from that almighty!
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

* good morning * i was woken up by a sms sent by poh saying that she's waiting for me .. and SHIT!.. i just realised that i overslept.. AAaaa... haha.. i quickly woke up and got dressed .. plus packed a little for the sleep over at kas's house!.. yay!.. haha.. and next set off to wmeen's house.. oops.. i mean poh's house.. haha.. SORRY POH that i was late that day... well i didn't know where wmeen's house was so i just dropped by poh's house so poh could take me there.. =)

In wmeen's house
It was my first time at wmeen's house and personally i think wmeen's house is a wonderful place.. okok.. not wonderful.. my house is still the best.. =P .. it's a very windy place.. and my my.. its a real warm and cosy home u can say that!.. well.. apparently.. wmeen had plans for us.. that is my least favourite thing in this whole wide world except bugs.. IS GHOST MOVIES!.. and you know what was the title?.. the ghost game.. and freaky ah kiam lied to me that there were no scenes of ghost where there were plenty.. T_T.. THAT WAS VERY FREAKY!.. well.. wmeen did offer us some cuddling dolls.. but.. A.. its still just scary.. no offence wmeen.. aa... but after the freaking horribly ghost movie and oh ya.. siew wen, poh poh, ah kiam and me were freaking scared .. =) .. i am not the only one!.. *haha* =D After that we were treated by wmeen's mom's homemade mee.. and my my.. deciousi~.. haah .. i am trying to sound french.. is it working?.. okok.. forget it.. anyways.. the trip to wmeen's house was memorable.. THANK YOU!

In kas's house
(Before) Right after i wen to wmeen house.. i wen to poh's house to watch a little Olympics.. and we were watching this event where the contestants were supposed to jump off boards.. i am not sure what is it called.. and we were screaming and judging on guy's ass.. =) muahhah~~

(On the way) Well.. as we know.. kas's sense of drawing map is .. ahem!.. haha.. sorry kas!.. but we love u!.. haha... so i freaking got lost.. as kas only said one traffic light.. so whenever we saw a traffic light we turned.. haiz.. too bad i threw the map already.. HRM!.. haha =)..

(Finally) Hahahaha~~~.. finally arrived kas's house.. lol.. and scenes of kas running to find me in shorts are still fresh in my memories.. *in her shorts* =D.. haha.. well i have pictures of our sleepover though.. i didn't take picture immediately when i arrived as i was still scared.. after that horror movie.. and kas said she has never seen someone who is so scared of horror movies before.. well i cant help it.. and we spent the whole night watching arashi.. well gotta admit.. no wonder girls can go crazy over them.. haha.. and not to forget kas's mom's cooking.. it was really a taste of Indian delicacy.. thank you!.. okok.. next i am gonna roughly describe my sleeping area.. it was in the attic and to add the creeps ... there was a closet behind.. i know i know.. I AM A SCARDY CAT.. but if u were in my situation u would be damn scared.. =) .. * i think * haha.. and it was nice meeting all of kas's sisters.. sorry kas.. i still have difficulties remembering their names.. =D.. FORGIVE ME!..

( Bedtime) As u guys have guessed i could barely sleep.. i was so scared.. memories of that ghost movie is just so haunting.. so I switched on the lights and saw a story book and took it up and read.. but it didn't make any difference.. somehow .. i finally slept.. =) .. well.. overall i think its a great sleep over.. THANKS KAS... and i remember kasvini lying on my shoulder while sleeping... haha.. its so sweet.. love u kas!.. u must work hard to C/D class ya!... =D..

Conclusion *must read*
- It was a memorable day of my holidays and my life... thank you guys.. and i really do love all of you.. * not in a lesbian way =P * ..
- Thank you wmeen for writing me on your blog.. it is so sweet!.. =D ..
- PS: i left this entry as a draft for a very very long time.. =D
- PS: Photos of kasvini a/p Muniandy coming up..
Last PS: Love all my freaky friends out there.. everyone has a place in my heart.. and you can count on that!.. =D

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

you guys have guessed it.. I LOVE WALL-E .. haha.. i just went to watch this freaking nice movie today .. and my my.. i am surely in love with this adorable robot here.. isn't he just the sweetest? .. well Eva is one lucky bot to have him!... haha.. (summarise) the story is actually about this robot who lives on earth cleaning up human's rubbish for over 700 years.. but most importantly he was lonely.. and he had this cricket friend ( according to kas ) well i still think is a cockroach.. of his who accompanies him.. and one day.. some new bot appeared and this is where the fireworks started to bloom.. well.. i don't want to spoil the viewer's moments yet.. so maybe I'll tell the whole movie in my another post..

Well.. today was a very fun day.. i was out with poh poh and kas.. for almost the whole day.. and it was tiring indeed.. but what can i say?.. i fully enjoyed it.. I am actually lacking out on my assignments to do but i cant just help myself to HAVE FUN!.. WAHHAHAH~.. the day started with going to poh's house.. and we were screaming in front of the tv when we saw our favourite music videos!.. YAY!.. haha.. and at the same time we were worried for kas as she was sitting the rapid for the first time and it was raining.. so we really hoped that she will be safe.. =D...

WELL.. we were late for the movies.. BECAUSE OF KAS.. haha.. jk.. we went in quite punctually.. although it already started about 15 minutes i presume?.. but it was better to wait for all of us then we watch.. it will be much fun then.. =D.. haha.. and we were practically laughing our heads on in the movie.. sometimes i was actually laughing at the way kas and poh laugh.. their way of laughing are really one of a kind.. haha..

After the movie.. we were walking around finding a place to eat.. but then we kinda got lost? .. as there were constructions going on and gurney was getting complicated.. so after walking round and round.. we just went to the ground flour and get green tea ice-cream for ourselves ( which were very nice!.. thanks kas! ) and hot dogs.. ( yum! ) haha.. i just love eating.. haha.. and today i feel exceptionally hungry .. maybe I've just been too stress up the previous days? ..

anyways.. after eating.. we went to watch the second movie which was mummy 3.. which i am watching the second time!.. haha!.. i feel so happy for no reason?.. lol.. i just love going out with my friends.. well i think tht's practically how i spent my whole day on 18th august 2008..

i wanna wish my daddy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.. happy birthday dad!.. may your life prosper and may you remain in good health... and i wanna wish pei qi the late happy birthday too!.. i know you must had one heck of the time at your sweet 16!.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!...

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

well.. i guess that's it.. till then.. BYE!..

PS: i love you and i miss you!.. =D

Saturday, August 9, 2008


well Thursday was the scrabble tournament.. and i finally got my first bingo 'turners' and it was worth 74 marks!.. i really felt happy at that moment.. its just a big leap for me.. =D

but then after that i didn't play that seriously anymore as i was having a massive headache from the very late night activity yesterday ( online ) =D ..

What i didn't know was that the tournament was actually a group tournament!.. at that moment i felt like i let the whole group down although we did come out as second place!.. but then i still feel the guilt inside me .. so i want to apologise to my scrabble team.. AND CONGRATS TOO!

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Glitter Graphics - GlitterLive.com


Time to go back to school.. I really do miss my friends at school even though it was one day.. and of course the homework that we owe one day is freaking a lot.. well.. as Adeline .. i wont even be bothered to finish it.. although it was one day i kinda felt like the whole world was in a chaos man!.. okok.. maybe i am just being paranoid.. haha.. anyways.. Saturday was out to the prize giving ceremony!..


The prize giving ceremony

It was a nice morning actually.. haha.. we went to stc college and apparently they were having their open day on that day and also their annual public speaking competition.. so.. we gathered in some kind of room first- eating our breakfast.. and after that we proceeded to the stage where we were supposed to wait for our turn to get the prizes.. me, xin rou, hsieh zhen and sher was definitely sleepy and xin rou and me were ambushed by freaking FLIES!!.. especially when xr was singing the negaraku.. haha..

Next we watched the public speaking competition which was great fun.. it was the finals so the contestants were really the best out of best.. haha.. and there is this Chidian guy which his name is Benedict.. well.. i kinda know him... i saw him in christian camp actually but then i dun think he remembers me from there as i went back early .. due to my sickness.. AA.. but i did play a game with him in the scrabble tournament.. and believe me.. he is like a guy version of Mary Poppins.. ( in a good way ) anyways back to my story.. i thought he was real good.. and there is this another guy which is an Indian but he's a very tall guy ... he spoke very very impressively.. he talked as if he was in this big conference.. I really admire his mature-ness.. WOAH!.. CONGRATS TO ALL OF U GUYS..

You know.. it made me realised that being on stage is kinda hard too sometimes eh?.. anyways.. i didn't get any photos as my camera was spoilt for no reason!?!.. BLAH.. i hope it gets better.. I LOVE U CAMERA.. =D

i guess that's practically the most exciting days of the week? .. sorry for the late update though..

till then.. BYE!..

PS: will try to upload the photos as soon as possible..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

well.. i still have a few more photos of my mice that i really want to share.. =D

inside their little home..

looking so pampered ..

falling asleep..

on the wheel.. *VROOM*


It's real late right now.. but then i guess.. i feel like blogging.. well .. this Thursday will be my scrabble tournament .. i hope i do alright!.. *pray* haha. and our productions are still going on as we will fight to the very end!.. I am currently working on a drama that is concerning environmental issues - recycling and saving electricity.. and my idea is accepted! .. yay.. kas, poh poh and all of my friends will be helping me.. and according to CS, my friend.. these two videos are going to be broad casted at the assembly.. which i am not quite sure right now.. but I really do wanna make this work.. as I love making up own movies.. its just such great fun.. the saddest part is .. it is supposed to be filmed this Thursday and i have my competition on that day too.. that is why i am unable to participate! * AA * ow well.. at least i will get to demonstrate a little later at school~ .. wahahaha~ i cant wait! .. well.. another thing is that i hope wm's Internet will get better..

i miss her! ..

Monday, August 4, 2008

a real self-produced video that i really wan to share.. ENJOY!


Credits: Kasvini My Great Friend